Free website –Sounds good to your ears right? If you go to Google and type “Free website designs near me”, you will find hundreds of companies offering free web hosting, website design and website development without costing you an arm and a leg. But here’s the question, are they really worth it? Well, they are cheap and there’s nothing wrong to utilize such benefits but truth to be told there are more cons than pros to using a free website. Once you start using them, sooner or later you will realize that it is time-consuming with lots of limitations

That being said, here is a list of 7 reasons why having a free website is really not worth it.

1.            Looks Unprofessional: Sharing links to potential customers with address like looks unprofessional and odd. It will only degrade your brand and your business.

2.            Slow Loading Website: Well, it’s obvious that the free website hosting owners host hundreds of websites using the same server, sharing bandwidth and space. You won’t have any control over the speed of the site and the result is slow loading website. This will plunge your sites ranking and won’t help in conversion.

3.            Prone to Hackers: Security is pretty low on free hosting and you can be a victim of hacking and content breach. You can lose all the content and data.

4.            Unwanted Advertising: It’s unlikely for a company to provide you a free website without anything in return. They will gain benefits by plastering ads on your site and it won’t look professional or user friendly.

5.            Site can go down: Since you won’t have any control over the free site, the free website host can shut down your site by turning off their servers.

6.            Sell your content: Free website designers and hosting companies need a way to earn money. Hence there’s a good chance that they might be selling your content to others including your personal information and phone numbers.

7.            Limited design themes: Free websites offer only a handful of poorly designed templates. You cannot use your own designs or use any other design from the web.

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