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Digital Marketing: Small Business Strategy?

Anyone who has owned and operated a small business can understand the need for the question mark in the above title. It is not a question of if we, as small business owners, need a strategy for marketing. The question really is which of the 10 hats need to be removed in order to fit on the new hat of ‘Master Marketing Strategist’.

First let’s talk marketing strategy as a whole.

For any business owner, according to the Edward Lowe Foundation, this really translates into developing a marketing plan that involves the following actionable promotional mix elements:

  • Advertising
  • Public relations or Publicity
  • Sales Promotion
  • Direct Marketing
  • Personal Selling

For the small business owner with an already full plate of mission critical responsibilities, those are just a pretty little list of bullet points one throws money at, to see if something might work, when business starts to slow down. There really is no marketing plan, therefore no real chance at consistent actionable results with measurable return on investment (ROI) success.

You need more than a list of words you don’t really understand. You need an explanation and some navigational help as to how each element can work for you, which elements are a waste of your time and marketing budget, and how your small business marketing can truly make some big business impact.

Digital marketing is your advantage!

The biggest difference between a megabrand and a small business owner is the perspective. As a small business owner we might only need 5 new leads a week, or maybe 20 new deals a month. We don’t need to take over the world, nor could we with our current staffing situations.

So how do you translate the above list into a small business marketing strategy that won’t break the bank? You need to think digital marketing. You can accomplish all five of the main promotional mix elements on a digital platform that will be far less expensive, less stressful, and more successful for your small business than trying to compete dollar for dollar on any other marketing effort with any megabrand. Digital marketing levels the online playing field and gives your small business more voice, opportunity, promotional victory, and most importantly customers.

I am not saying throw out all traditional forms of marketing. That is why they call it a promotional mix. It is finding and using the right combination that really provides you with the ROI you are looking for.

The Digital Marketing promotions mix

The following mix are some of the useful and successful things we have tried with our clients and seen great results:

  • Website and SEO: From search engine optimization (SEO) and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s web design affects your entire internet presence. Good web design dictates an excellent SEO experience for your searching customers. If you want them to find you, and choose you, you need to do your part in making that happen.
  • Establish your Social Media Presence: Get up to 24x the reach by having employees, friends and family like and share your social media posts. Extend the brand reach, generate engagement and develop more two-way conversations.
  • Create an Ambassador Program: Find people who can be ambassadors for your brand within their own communities.
  • Email Marketing: Contrary to what you may think, email marketing is far from dead. It remains a highly effective strategy and a core component of digital content marketing. It’s highly adaptive and flexible and it can be used to promote your business in a variety of ways.
  • Adwords and Pay Per Click (PPC): Adwords is an advertising service provided by Google while PPC the type of online advertising.
  • Call Only Campaigns: If your goal is to increase phone calls to your business, call-only campaigns allow you to focus on getting more people to click-to-call you straight from your ads.

Through this mix of digital promotional elements, we design and plug in a consistent and integrated message for your customers. This message will be translated and targeted differently depending on the platform, but in total, creates a marketing strategy for your small business that returns results.

Being a small business owner is hard work. Let us help you manage some of that by handling the digital marketing for you!

Leave us any comments, we love to answer questions, or just connect with us today for more information.