Marketing budget? Doing more with less.

It’s a rare small business that has a large marketing budget. Typically, a small business owner has to deal with the challenges of bare bones, bootstrapped marketing for quite a while before there are enough funds to justify a substantial marketing campaign.

This reality often comes as a big surprise for many fledgling entrepreneurs who decide to go into business after careers with larger companies. In fact, one of the most challenging issues facing small business owners is being proactive with marketing with a small amount of workable cash.

However, marketing remains a very important part of an overall business strategy – especially for those that are just starting out. Without making people aware of your business, you won’t make sales. It’s that simple!

Buying print, radio, and TV ads can be utterly too expensive for most small businesses.Conventional marketing is just not feasible and frankly is a little old school.That is where Bryant Ideas steps in with your unfair advantage. Together we will get a little creative, build your business an online campaign with legs and watch it go.

To successfully tackle marketing on a small scale, creativity is the key. This can mean using a few guerrilla marketing tactics that are often unconventional and out-of-the-box.  Capturing attention and the imagination of an audiences using a few unusual tactics such as social media campaigns, street promotions, giveaways, games, and contests.

Interestingly, taking a guerrilla marketing approach actually has some distinct advantages. Not only is it typically very cost-effective, it also means using strategies and tactics that are often impossible for larger businesses to implement. Smaller often translates into being more nimble when it comes to marketing, and this can be a distinct advantage.

Give Bryant Ideas a call today and lets get your budget • o • logy set and marketing going.