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why 50% of businesses still dont have a website...

And why you should get one for your local business

5 reasons why you should get a website ASAP:

If you’re a local business, no matter what you do, whether your business is small, or large, well-established or brand-new, you need online presence. Not having a business website raises various questions in customers’ eyes and simply does not look professional. Here are several reasons you should get a website for your local business ASAP:

  1. People use the internet to research businesses before buying from them

Over 70% of potential customers will use smartphones and tablets to decide where to go and what to buy. A HomeAdvisor, Facebook page, Yelp or BBB are great, but your business has to also come up in local searches as majority of people will peruse through the website of the business they’re considering buying from, get acquainted with the team virtually, read reviews, do comparison before making the final decision. If you’re not “front and center”, they will find other local business rather than yours.

  1. A business website makes you look legit

People expect businesses to have their own websites. Today it is just as professional as having a business card and as valid as having a physical business address.

Not having a business website raises questions in customers’ eyes. They start thinking all kinds of things you don’t want them thinking about your business: Are you lacking business or tech savvy? Is your business struggling that you can’t afford a website?

  1. A business website can promote goodwill among customers and prospects.

There are three things that can help you as a business owner to promote goodwill for your company lasting into the future:

  • be consistent at proving valuable content consistently;
  • safeguard your website from malware and secure it from outsiders;
  • display your company logo and mission proudly

Remember, site visitors look for value, brand consistency and security. As you focus on these things, you will gain your prospects’ trust, loyalty, thereby adding to the overall goodwill of your business.

  1. A business website provides you with another marketing channel.

Think of how many people you can reach by doing word-of-mouth in one day, you only have so much time and energy in a day that you, as a business owner, could put to a better use. Now, think about how many eyes a billboard gets per day with you having absolutely no input.

Your website can be an online billboard – advertising your business while you focus on other things. It instantly becomes another way for people to find you (of course, it will depend on other efforts such as SEO, Social Media, Advertising, etc.; more about it later)

  1. Lead Generation

This is a very powerful tool that not many local businessmen know of, but it only works if you have a website. Lead generation is about creating an automated system that captures your potential customers’ email addresses in exchange for something valuable such as an eBook, newsletter or a report. Once you have the email address, you have another way to reach your potential customer over and over again. Since you’ve already build their trust, they will be more willing to keep coming back and buy again.

Now, if you’re one of those 41% that say they “don’t need a website”, read on…

Most small business owners without websites seem to dismiss the need for a website for a few following reasons:

  • They don’t understand how it could help their business
  • It seems too expensive, complicated, time-consuming, etc.
  • They’re doing “just fine without it”

Internet has changed drastically in the past 20 years. It’s a whole different world. Business owners are older, busier and not tech savvy.

Remember, businesses die when they don’t see the need to change until it’s too late.

We bring you our solution:

Speedy, Mobile Friendly, Modern Web Site with elements of Security and SEO for local businesses like yours.

If you want to add value and credibility to your business, look more professional in the eyes of your customers; create a full-time sales machine that works for you 24/7, let’s get started NOW.

Call 801-446-2828 to schedule an appointment, or read more details on each package below.

-Logo design (4 concepts/unlimited revisions)
-1 page informational website*
-Logo/content upload
-Up to 10 complimentary stock images
-Customer provided image upload

-Assistance with hosting and domain registration

VALUED AT $1,490
Call for pricing

*hosting/domain/backup/SSL separate

-Business and market research

-USP and company mission creation/revision
-Logo and tagline design
-3 page web site*
-Logo/content/image upload
-Complimentary 10 stock images

-Assistance with hosting and domain registration

VALUED AT $3,970

Call for pricing

*hosting/domain/backup/SSL separate

-Mobile friendly, responsive web site with pages*:Home, About, Services, Privacy Policy, Blog
-customer provided content/image/video upload
-basic security and SEO
-Social Media buttons
-reviews, sliders, clickable buttons
-Google My Business set up/keyword upload

VALUED AT $5,250

Call for pricing

-Includes same as Business Gold Package services PLUS content

-Mobile friendly, responsive web site with pages*:Home, About, Services, Privacy Policy, Blog
-content/image/video upload
-basic security and SEO
-Social Media buttons
-reviews, sliders, clickable buttons
-Google My Business set up/keyword upload

VALUED AT $12,500

Call for pricing

-Customers Acquisition System Sales Funnel:
-Facebook/Instagram/Google advertising
-“Freebie” PDF creation
-Landing Page creation with email capture form
-Thank you page and “Freebie” download
-Autoresponder connection

-Follow up message creation

VALUED AT $15,000

Call for pricing

*hosting/domain/backup/SSL/autoresponder separate




The question is, are your prospects finding you online? The job of your website is not finished. Once you have a front door, let’s get customers through it. We would love to help with small business marketing strategies to gain you those customers and steadily increase your market share.

  • SEO (search engine optimization),
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Social media campaigns

The Internet is all about specialization and customization. If you’re ready for a great looking website, we would love to help your business take flight!


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